Iran urges United Nations court to halt USA reimposed nuclear sanctions

Trump who took office in 2016 called it a

Trump who took office in 2016 called it a"horrible one-sided deal

People walk toward the International Court of Justice in the Hague, the Netherlands, Monday Aug. 27, 2018.

The United States will "vigorously defend" itself in the International Court of Justice against Iran's challenge to the reimposition of USA sanctions, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday.

The lawsuit filed with the ICJ, also known as the World Court, says the U.S. sanctions, which are damaging its already weak economy, violate terms of a little-known 1955 friendship treaty between the two countries. The deal, which dealt with halting the nation's creation of nuclear weapons, also allowed for the lifting of economic sanctions that had largely prevented trade with the west in years prior.

Experts expect them to challenge the ICJ's jurisdiction.

According to Tehran, the policy conducted by Washington "is nothing but naked economic aggression".

The sanctions have hit Iran hard, with the country's currency losing much of its value, leading to protests on the streets of many Iranian cities.

President Donald Trump said in May that he would pull the US out of a 2015 agreement over Iran's nuclear program and would re-impose sanctions on Tehran.

The BA route was reinstated in the wake of the 2015 accord between western powers and Iran under which most global sanctions on Iran were lifted in return for curbs on the country's nuclear program.

The top Iranian diplomat said Tehran would cooperate with Ankara to put off wildfire in the Iraqi part of Hour al-Azim wetland.

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Further U.S. sanctions are due to go into effect in November specifically targeting Iran's banking sector and oil industry, which drives growth in the Iranian economy.

A raft of worldwide companies - including France's Total, Peugeot and Renault, and Germany's Siemens and Daimler - have suspended operations in Iran in the wake of the move.

But Mr Trump said the deal "failed to achieve the fundamental objective of blocking all paths to an Iranian nuclear bomb" and did not deal with Tehran's "malign activities, including its ballistic missile programme and its support for terrorism".

The ICJ president Abdulqawi Yusuf heads a 15-judge panel hearing Iran's case.

Air France will halt flights from Paris to Tehran from September 18 because of "the line's weak performance", a spokesman for the airline said. A final decision could take years.

The flagship airlines did not put the blame on the return of US sanctions directly for their decisions but said that the route is "not commercially viable".

Earlier this month, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appeared to rule out any immediate prospect of talks, saying "there will be neither war, nor negotiations", with the US.

U.S. lawyers are due to give their response in arguments before the court on Tuesday, with experts expecting them to challenge the ICJ's jurisdiction. Experts expect the USA to challenge the ICJ's jurisdiction. Its rulings are binding but it has no power to enforce them, and verdicts have been previously ignored by some countries, including the US.

It was signed at a time of close relations between Washington and Tehran, a long before the 1979 Islamic Revolution brought about decades of hostility between the two.

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