John McCain remembered as loving father, joke-telling friend at memorial service

What's lost when the president can't show up?

McCain salute: One of nation's 'bravest souls' in war, peace

Drawing a further contrast between her father and the current President, McCain said, "We live in an era where we knock down old American heroes for all their imperfections when no leader wants to admit to fault or failure".

"America does not boast, because she has no need to", Meghan McCain said.

Sajjan said McCain always made time to speak to him and other Canadian officials at security conferences around the world and that McCain had built a "great relationship with Canada".

"The greater cause to which he devoted his life was America", said former Connecticut Sen.

Getty Critics accused Ivanka Trump of texting at John McCain's funeral, but it was unclear what she was doing when she looked down. But it was his military service, punctuated by years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, that molded McCain's political life. McCain will be laid to rest there along the Severn in a private Sunday service.

"If you're shamed into saying, 'How dare you support someone like Donald Trump or his views because John McCain was the standard bearer of goodness, '" Hegseth continued.

Fighting against her grief, and sobbing, McCain's daughter said she had asked her ailing father how she should approach his eulogy before a vast national audience. But the service was also a prolonged allegory that served to highlight McCain's character, and by comparison, to condemn the politics of personality of Donald Trump.

On Thursday, a memorial service was held in Phoenix and on Friday, a ceremony was held in the US Capitol, where McCain's body was lain in state.

This morning, John McCain's family and his colleagues in Congress gathered at the National Cathedral for the funeral of the late Senator. "He died August 25 at age 81. joke, served up with his signature cackle and that John McCain glint in his eye".

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John McCain was the son and grandson of admirals and followed them to the Naval Academy. "At any moment, he might be preparing an eloquent reflection on human liberty - or a devastating joke, served up with his signature cackle and that John McCain glint in his eye".

The daughter of late Sen. He made us better presidents, just as he made the Senate better, just as he made this country better.

"This week's celebration of the life and values of patriotism of this hero, I think have taken our country above all that".

Bush told of becoming friends with his former White House rival as the two would recall their political battles like former football players remembering the big game. Jeff Flake (R), which showed Obama and former President George W. Bush sitting next to one another at the funeral. He was also a devoted father who would carry her to bed as a little girl, kiss her skinned knee, and sometimes take her out of school to attend public town hall events.

Trump and McCain's contentious relationship worsened after the self-described "maverick" voted down a bill that would have repealed large swaths of Obama's Affordable Care Act.

At the National Cathedral, attention will no doubt focus on the addresses by Bush and Obama.

John McCain, for his part, was well-known for his military service in the Vietnam War and particularly for having been held prisoner for five years and tortured by his captors.

"He was a great man. he was a great fire who burned bright", she said. Larson died in 2014, and McCain wrote in his recent memoir that he wanted to be buried next to his friend, "near where it began".

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