Lexus ES to debut digital exterior mirrors in Japan

The 2019 Lexus ES Gets Cameras Instead of Sideview Mirrors, but Only in Japan

Lexus Starts Dropping Traditional Sideview Mirrors For Cameras

Here in the USA, the technology has yet to be made legal, though vehicles are already being sold with video screens that replace the center rearview mirror.

The Japanese government lead the way in 2016 when it adopted rules allowing automakers to use cameras instead of mirrors. The camera system monitors also allow a clearer view of the surrounding area around the vehicle than a normal mirror allows. The new setup's shape is created to resist the accumulation of such elements, Lexus says, meaning you'll never have to get your sleeves or interior trim wet to wipe off rainwater.

The Digital Outer Mirror will make its debut on the new Lexus ES in Japan, where it will go on sale in late October. This allows for enhanced views of the area around the vehicle at night and in inclement weather, Lexus says. And all it took was a little tinkering with the two mirrors popping out from the sides-by removing them completely and replacing them with digital cameras.

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According to Lexus, they also give the driver an expanded view of the car's surrounding area by augmenting the display during cornering or reversing.

For the 2019 ES mid-size sedan, Lexus is trading in traditional side mirrors for digital cameras. And as the cameras cause less drag than mirrors, there's less annoying wind noise too. When one of the turn signals are activated, the system automatically enhances the video display (left or right) to help drivers see out better.

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