Senate heads to final vote on Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination

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She said that Kavanaugh was a "man filled with anger and aggression" at last week's Senate hearing.

This email will be delivered to your inbox once a day in the morning. Protesters were also heard shouting from the Senate gallery during the roll call.

Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate.

The first lady, who is wrapping up a four-country tour of Africa and spoke to reporters while standing in front of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, said her trip was "incredible" and "unforgettable" and that she hopes it sends a message that the United States cares about the welfare of other countries.

Politically, with a chance of increasing his majority in the midterm elections, McConnell said the GOP is already seeing improvement in polling on Senate races due to the Democratic opposition to Kavanaugh combined with the protests.

Kavanaugh, a father of two, strenuously denied the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, who says he sexually assaulted her when they were teens.

Schumer said Kavanaugh's "partisan screed" showed not only a temperament unfitting for the high court but a lack of objectivity that should make him ineligible to serve.

Koegler identified himself as a close friend of Ford and her husband, saying he has known them for more than five years and had coached their son's baseball team.

Vice President Mike Pence planned to be available Saturday in case his tie-breaking vote was needed, which now seems unlikely. Their statements of support brought the number of senators supporting Kavanaugh to 51 in the 100-member chamber.

Senate Republicans, except for Lisa Murkowski, have stood by him in a move that could resonate, particularly with women voters, in the November 6 elections to determine control of the Senate and House of Representatives. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath and retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath, according to the Supreme Court.

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He made an earlier trip there, in April, when he was director of the Central Intelligence Agency . They held the first-ever summit between a United States and a North Korean leader in June.

Republicans argued that a supplemental FBI investigation instigated by wavering GOP senators and ordered by the White House turned up no corroborating witnesses to the claims and that Kavanaugh had sterling credentials for the court.

One lone Republican, Sen. However, she said while she would vote "no" on Saturday, she would ask that her vote be registered as "present" so as not to jeopardize the majority - and allow a fellow Republican to attend his daughter's wedding instead of returning to Washington to vote.

Mr Trump nevertheless cheered the result of the cloture vote.

As the Senate tried to recover from its charged atmosphere, Murkowski's move offered a moment of civility.

The vote to confirm Kavanaugh, when it comes, will reconcile a cause that has unified and electrified the conservative movement dating to its rebirth as a modern political force led by former President Ronald Reagan.

Manchin was the only Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation.

In Egypt Saturday, during her first solo trip overseas, First Lady Melania Trump told reporters that she has told him to put his phone down and stop tweeting and that she doesn't always agree with the president's sentiments.'I don't always agree with what he tweets, and I tell him that, ' she told reporters. He announced last week that the Senate would vote on Friday following a brief FBI investigation - a probe demanded by a trio of influential Republican senators who had yet to decide how they would vote on Kavanaugh's nomination.

After the vote, the president called Kavanaugh to congratulate him, the White House said in a statement.

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Kavanaugh was accused by Ford in September of committing sexual and physical assault while they were both at a party in high school. "We have a lot of work to do".

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