Glitch Inducing Message Reportedly Crashing PS4s, Users Urged To Change Settings

Report PS4 Messaging Bug is Bricking Consoles

PS4 users warned to set messages to private after receiving message that bricks their console

Some even had screenshots of the message on their phones showing the users first threatening players and giving them an ultimatum before sending the message if they didn't comply.

It seems a malicious message is making the rounds on the PlayStation Network.

To do this, you need to go into Account Management in your console settings, find the Privacy Settings subheading and flip the Messaging settings from "Public" to "Friends Only" or "No One".

While none of this is concrete and Sony has yet to even acknowledge the problem, it is advised for PS4 owners, especially those who play competitive online games, to set their messages to private.

Reddit users seemed to all have stories beginning similarly with "I was beating these guys in x online game" before they received the message.

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Reddit user Qraeshawn said: "I had a player named Zilla-Trickz that sent me 7 messages saying: Fortnite [] 3, but the heart was an emoji". Both should prevent unsafe messages from reaching you.

At the time of writing, PlayStation has not acknowledged the bug or issued a solution, so to ensure your console is safe and avoid a factory reset, we recommend changing your settings. Or, if you're a grumpy bastard like I am, just disable messaging completely.

From a web browser, visit the PSN Privacy setting page, then sign in with your PS4 account credentials.

If you haven't been affected by this bug and want to protect yourself, the way to do that is to restrict messaging on your console to PlayStation 4 to friends only. Thankfully, it doesn't impact or delete your data, but it sure is a nuisance.

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