Observance, search planned for missing girl Jayme Closs

Jayme Closs has been missing since October 15

Jayme Closs has been missing since October 15

The sheriff hopes to be completed with searching at 4 p.m. Volunteers must be 18 years or older and present a picture form of identification.

"Jayme remains missing and endangered and has been added to the top of the FBI's Missing Persons list, and is now on digital billboards nationwide", the sheriff's department said in a statement Sunday.

According to a CNN report on Oct.21, in the 911 call, the dispatcher "could hear a lot of yelling" and the call was "pinged" to the Closs' house.

Officials have been searching for Jayme since October 15 after a mysterious 911 call led deputies to their home in Barron County.

The Barron County Sheriff's Office said Monday it needs 2,000 volunteers to help Tuesday in a search for evidence in the case of Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old missing since last Monday whose parents were found shot to death in their northwestern Wisconsin home.

A responding officer also found that "the door has been kicked in", according to the latest details.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says investigators reviewed surveillance video from homes and businesses in the area of the Closs home.

The family dog was there when deputies arrived, and was eventually taken to a relative's home.

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The log does not indicate who made the 911 call or who was yelling or what was said.

"Is it a random attack or a targeted attack?"

"Please keep your eyes out for these boards and contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation if you have any information on her whereabouts", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said. "I don't know that answer", Fitzgerald said to reporters.

This comes after an initial search by 100 volunteers on Thursday.

The group is gathering at the staging area at 1883 Highway 25 in Barron, also known as The Hungry Hollow Grounds.

The gun used to kill the Closs parents has not been located.

Investigators have received more than 1,200 tips about Jayme Closs. Anyone with information is asked to call the 24-hour tip line at 855-744-3879.

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