Non-cancer drug may lower risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer awareness on a more wide- spread scale - Head of Breast Unit

Non-cancer drug may lower risk of breast cancer

According to Chan, there have been major advances in the treatment of breast cancer that benefit patients across the board, made possible through the time and resources dedicated to research. She went through six rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, and reconstruction. The couple hopes to have more children.

"I didn't know it was hereditary, I didn't know much about it", she said. Breast Cancer survivor Brandy Williamson said, "Nobody can get rid of cancer if we don't do some research". Nathanson sees patients at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

"Whatever your age it's so important to get to know your breasts and if you do spot anything unusual - be it a lump, redness or an inverted nipple - get it checked out by your GP". "Genes can be inherited from both your mother and your father". "If you know your family history, you can do something about it". ICMR has recently drafted consensus guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

"One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their lifetime".

She called her doctor who ordered a mammogram and ultra sound, which didn't show anything. The first Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp was issued July 29, 1998, in Washington, D.C., during a ceremony at the White House.

How does a healthy lifestyle reduce risk? "Just being here, raising awareness on such a public platform, will hopefully prompt others to do self-exams, get their annual screenings and be more aware of their breast health".

Michelle Arias, a senior here at Kean, said, "I came out to support my grandmother, who I'm glad to say was able to [win] her battle with breast cancer". Today, she's a survivor, a tireless advocate and a national adviser.

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We are very happy to have supported wear it pink for breast cancer awareness and I think our construction team had a lot of fun getting to wear pink for the day.

Breast cancer claims more than 41,000 lives per year in the USA, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

"It's a huge honor to be accepted on this committee that's so influential", Davidson says. That is why in the midst of fun runs, pink shirts and cries for awareness, people need to focus their attention on ways they can actually impact this community.

Venter, who is the chief executive of Edith Venter Promotions said she chose to start an initiative that focused on breast cancer because it predominantly affects women and their lives. Being her own advocate, she went back a couple months later to have the lump removed. Recent scans indicate that she remains cancer-free.

The Southern Trust has over 1,000 women using the family history service.

Davidson is also board president of FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered.

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