All 74 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters Have Been Revealed

Watch the Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Live!

Watch the final pre-launch ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Nintendo Direct right here

Nintendo has confirmed plans to support Super Smash Bros. Additionally, a new trailer of the game was released, showcasing a hint of the backstory for the game's new story mode dubbed, "World of Light".

The Spirits Mode was also shown, which entails certain differently powdered characters from Nintendo history giving fighters extra abilities, sort of like Super Smash Bros.

Additionally, a featured song as well as an overview of the world map of the game are highlighted.

Incineroar's attacks focus on a lot of wrestling type moves, due to its nature as a fighting type Pokemon.

However, that's not all they have planned with characters.

And Ken far from Ryu's shadow.

Rahul leads opposition protest outside CBI headquarters
During the brief hearing today, senior advocate FS Nariman advanced arguments on behalf of the CBI chief. Asthana is said to have withstood vast political pressures during the fodder scam probe.

Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass for £22.49 now and get an exclusive Mii Fighter costume of Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Last week's Grinch leak in particular, which gave some Smash fans hope that Banjoe Kazooie and other odd characters would be added into the game at release, turns out to have clearly been a hoax.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate combines many stages and new items, with gameplay that makes it easy for players of all skill levels to jump in. As a result, Nintendo didn't confirm what any of the DLC actually is.

We also hope to learn more about the Spirits mode that Nintendo hinted at in its last Direct.

You'll get a free DLC taster in the form of Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros., but only if you buy the game before January 31. Ultimate, at least at launch.

It all seems extremely complicated, although as ever Smash Bros. offers every conceivable option to turn off features you're not interested in. Humorously, the Piranha Plant has left its iconic green pipe and fights out of a pot instead.

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