Early voting sets record in IL

Early voter turnout strong across state

DECISION 2018: Early Voting Shows Republicans Out Voting Democrats

As of Friday afternoon, state numbers show returned ballots are about 96 percent of the way to the 2014 totals.

The big day isn't until next week for the midterm elections, but Oklahoma voters can get an early start.

Early voting ends Saturday, Nov. 3. The offices are located at 300 Halls Mill Road, Freehold.

As election day nears, voters across OR are setting a record for the largest voter turnout in a midterm election, almost surpassing the turnout for the 2012 presidential election. However, if you waited until six days before the election to request a vote-by-mail ballot, in order for the voted ballot to count it still needs to be received by the Supervisor of Elections no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

Voters may cast their ballots there from 8 a.m.to 5 p.m. weekdays until Election Day when the voting hours will change to 7 a.m.to 8 p.m.to reflect the hours at the polls, or between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, and Sunday, Nov. 4.

Trump tweets about a Kavanaugh accuser referred to DOJ for false claim
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Voters are also being reminded that some city and town clerks' offices close early on Friday.

More than 16 percent of voters to date have Spanish surnames, a higher share than in any previous midterm election. And 462 voters registered to "other" parties had also cast ballots as of Thursday evening.

For voters who are registered to vote in another county but can not make it back home to vote, an option to vote only in statewide elections is available at the Brazos County Elections Administration Office.

If a voter chooses to vote in person at their assigned polling place on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, they can return the absentee ballot to the precinct officials to be voided and will vote a replacement ballot. There are now 30,524 active registered voters in the city and 78,253 in the county.

An analysis by Georgia-based data analyst Ryan Anderson finds that 36 percent of the 1.8 million early votes in Georgia are new voters. For example, actions of persons created to interrupt or intimidate voters at polling places by questioning or challenging them, or by photographing or videotaping them, under the pretext that these are actions to uncover illegal voting may violate federal voting rights law.

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