Google rebrands Project Fi, offers deals on all phones (Pixel 3 included)

Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

Google may be expanding Project Fi to cover Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and Apple devices

Crucially, the service is now (mostly) compatible with iPhones, and to celebrate the change, Google is rebranding the service to just Google Fi.

That's good news if you want an easy-to-understand phone plan in the US and have strong T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular signal in the areas you frequent. First, it combines cellular and WiFi so that you may be making calls or receiving text messages over WiFi, but the service will seamlessly transition to cellular when you leave a hotspot. For one, you're only charged for the amount of data that you use. Use just 500MB? It will be $25. After that, additional data is free, although the company may throttle speeds if you use more than 15GB.

Other Android brands Fi is supporting now include Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia and Essential.

Next: Google Fi plans: What are your options? Phones that haven't been optimized for Fi won't auto-switch to Google's Wi-Fi, the same way they won't auto-switch through the three carriers. Formerly Project Fi, the service is now called Google Fi, and starts at $20 per month for unlimited calls and unlimited texts, plus $1 per 0.1 GB of wireless data.

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Among the current field of Project Fi devices - those which Google has personally deemed "Fi- Ready" - include its own Pixel 3, 3 XL, 2 and 2 XL flagships, LG's G7 and V35, and Motorola's G6 and X4 (Android One edition) which are now for sale directly via Google's Project Fi store. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi.

As prematurely revealed by the media, Google has renamed its wireless MVNO from Project Fi to Google Fi and has officially extended support to most unlocked Android phones as well as iPhones. Fi's network switching depends on a combination of hardware and software found in select phones that Google has vetted, like the Pixel 3, LG G7 and Moto X4 Android One. iPhones and conventional Android devices don't have any of that, and as a result, on Fi they'll be restricted to either T-Mobile or Sprint depending on how they're wired.

If you buy the 128GB Pixel 3 XL, you can mix-and-match individual gift cards for services like Delta Airlines, Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, and, equal to $999.

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