Migrants moved away from border

U.S. Army soldiers install a barbed wire fence along Anzalduas International Bridge near the U.S. Mexico border in McAllen Texas

California assessing legal action against use of force on Mexico border

Later that day, another Border Patrol agent was assaulted while trying to arrest an illegal immigrant.

Authorities in the Mexican city of Tijuana said Friday they have begun moving Central American migrants from an overcrowded shelter on the border to an events hall further away.

A 22-year-old man and a 38-year-old man were also from Honduras.

Families and children are priorities for covered areas, Figueroa said.

A Honduran mother said that she was pressured to join the border rush on November 25 that culminated in American Border Patrol officers shooting tear gas into the mob to disperse them.

Six men and one woman jumped or slipped over the border barrier in Tijuana and were quickly detained by customs and border protection agents.

Officials say it appeared most of the rocks were thrown from the Mexico side and no one was charged on the USA side with assaulting the agents.

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Children had been separated from their parents this summer during a period when a zero-tolerance policy was used at the border, but the separations were stopped by Trump following worldwide outrage.

Experts had expressed concerns about unsanitary conditions at the sports complex, where more than 6,000 migrants have been packed into a space adequate for half that many people.

Irineo Mujica, who has accompanied the migrants for weeks as part of the aid group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, said the aim of Sunday's march toward the US border was to make the migrants' plight more visible to the governments of Mexico and the U.S.

US authorities are working on a new system to better record evidence if similar circumstances arise, the official said.

The spokesman said there are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV/AIDS, and four cases of chickenpox, in addition to at least 101 cases of lice and multiple skin infections.

But authorities and residents in Tijuana are concerned the migrants might try to make another mass rush across the border: Their first attempt last weekend led to a brief closure of border crossings Tijuana residents use to reach jobs and shopping on the US side. The administration had still not shown that the ban was legal, or that any harm would come from continuing to implement existing immigration laws, Tigar said in his order.

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