Google search veteran now hails from Uber

After retiring from Google a year ago in February, Singhal is quite evidently excited for his new venture. Mr. Singhal's move to Uber ratchets up the rivalry. Singhal is familiar with the logistics of transportation as most of the Singhal Foundation's children live in areas with poor transportation systems and the company had to start its own private bus system. [Full Article...]

Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 4 at a starting price of Rs 9999

When it comes to processor , the Z2 Plus has a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor as compared to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The focus therefore lies on improved thermal efficiency and power-saving over say the Snapdragon 650-based Redmi Note 3. [Full Article...]

Staff Picks: B/R's Choice for 2017 NBA All-Star Game Reserves

For the fourth time in his career, Anthony Davis has been named to the NBA All-Star Game , and for the second time in his career (2015) he is a starter. NBA All-Star 2017 in New Orleans will bring together some of the most talented and passionate players in the league's history for a global celebration of the game. [Full Article...]

Exxon boosts Permian basin holding in deal worth up to $6.6 billion

Exxon Mobil Corporation explores for and produces crude oil and natural gas in the United States, Canada/South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania. The company has a market cap of $361.20 billion, a P/E ratio of 40.779 and a beta of 0.89. Large investors have recently added to or reduced their stakes in the company. [Full Article...]

Multiplayer Madness Unveiled for Yooka-Laylee!

Multiplayer Madness Unveiled for Yooka-Laylee! The second player can grab quills and collect butterflies for when Yooka and Laylee are in need of some health. The team over at Playtonic games have lifted the lid on the multiplayer mode for the promising 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee. Games like Blag the Flag , Glaciators , Gun-let Run, Hurdle Hijinx , Jobstacle Course , and Kartos Karting have all been announced. You can either play with ... [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO Generated A Staggering $950 Million In Revenue In 2016

Pokemon GO Generated A Staggering $950 Million In Revenue In 2016 While the surface does not really have anything compelling that will make you feel as though this is the best update for the Augmented Reality (AR) title that took the world by storm past year based on minor fixes in its text as well as changes in the game's distance tracking, what is more interesting would be the hidden bits. [Full Article...]

Hard Brexit to Be Bad for London, Europe - London Mayor

And Swiss bank UBS is also expected to shift jobs to the continent after Chairman Axel Weber told the BBC about 1,000 of its 5,000 employees are now involved in operations dependent on passporting rights, which could end post-Brexit. Mr Gulliver added HSBC had an advantage over other banks, as it already has a presence in Europe after buying Credit Commercial de France in 2002, which holds most ... [Full Article...]

Seoul Court Considers Arrest of Samsung De Facto Head

The individuals now accused of bribery - Lee, Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung, and president Jang Choong-gi - are all affiliated with Samsung Electronics. Samsung is the single biggest contributor to the foundations and separately paid Choi millions of euros, allegedly to bankroll her daughter's equestrian training in Germany. [Full Article...]

Michael Lynton Steps Down as CEO of Sony in Favor of Snapchat

Michael Lynton Steps Down as CEO of Sony in Favor of Snapchat Hirai will take the title of chairman and co-CEO of Sony Entertainment during that time and will gain an office at the company's Culver City, Calif. Leaked emails stolen from Lynton's inbox revealed his advising and helping Spiegel with deals, strategies and acquisitions. Following threats of violence, the studio to shelve its opening. [Full Article...]

Facebook's Journalism Project Pledges Stronger Media Ties

Facebook's Journalism Project Pledges Stronger Media Ties Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been at pains to emphasize that the social network is a technology company, not a media company. Facebook, which describes itself in the announcement as "a new kind of platform" - but never a media company - has long believed its role is that of a support player, working closely with media and publishing partners, but rarely becoming involved in editorial decis... [Full Article...]

Tim Cook's pay is cut as Apple misses profit targets

Via MSN , Apple stated in its filing , "Overall, our 2016 performance with respect to net sales and operating income was 7.7 percent and 15.7 percent below our record-breaking 2015 levels", Apple said. As a result, he had received his largest stock award for remaining company CEO for five years, earning a $100 million last year. But on the area of compensation package not only Cook but also ... [Full Article...]

Thargoids -Aliens- Appear in Elite Dangerous

Thargoids -Aliens- Appear in Elite Dangerous Although no one has managed to encounter any Alien life, this appears to change soon as one user on Xbox One discovered a odd space ship when playing Elite Dangerous . In an official statement, Elite creator Frontier Developments said: "We are now investigating reports of unusual sightings around the Elite Dangerous galaxy, but we are otherwise unable to comment on galactic rumour and specu... [Full Article...]

Tesla begins rolling out much-anticipated Autopilot update for its newest cars

Electric auto maker Tesla Motors announced Sunday it was extending its offer of free unlimited charging for all Model S and X vehicles ordered on or before January 15. Owners of newer the Model S and Model X have had to wait a little, but there's huge upside to that since their vehicles come with all the sensors and computing power onboard needed to achieve full self-driving once the software is... [Full Article...]

Blizzard Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Diablo With Cross-Franchise Events

Blizzard Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Diablo With Cross-Franchise Events For a game as iconic as Diablo celebrating a milestone like this, some of these in-game bonuses feel underwhelming. From a good number of special new items to tons of in-game events, it's safe to say that this is going to massive. This is not only to obtain new loot and cosmetic items but allow the Diablo fanbase a chance to revisit this legendary game and experience all 16 levels. [Full Article...]

Google and Facebook top the charts for most popular applications

Google and Facebook top the charts for most popular applications Nielsen's list of the most popular 10 mobile apps for iOS and Android in 2016 was dominated by just four technology giants: Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon . Facebook Messenger came in second with over 129 million average unique users each month, followed by YouTube with more than 113 million average unique users each month. [Full Article...]

Qualcomm Accused of Unfair Practice in Korea, Fined $853 Million

The chip maker will appeal the KFTC's decision to the Seoul High Court. The company showed that the KFTA's press release lacked a coherent theory of competition law violations, didn't show any evidence and imposed a fine that is not reasonably related to the size of the Korean market. [Full Article...]

Roof to offer no case before sentencing in church shootings

Roof to offer no case before sentencing in church shootings During Wednesday's hearing, prosecutors agreed to stipulate to mitigating factors including that Roof has no criminal conviction history and that he offered to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. "You know my feeling on this", Gergel said. Following those proceedings, Gergel determined Roof could represent himself, but the evidence that was presented has not been disclosed. [Full Article...]

New Samsung UHD Blu-ray Player Adds Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity

Samsung's new sound profile also includes a "Wide-band Tweeter", which expands and broadens the "sweet spot" in a room, widening the area where optimal sound can be heard. Samsung is also putting UHQ into the MS750 Soundbar , which also happens to be the company's first soundbar to embed subwoofer performance directly into the primary unit. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's Preference for the Holidays

Donald Trump's Preference for the Holidays Christmas trees are decorated with lights and stars. Some call that sentiment the Christmas spirit, and it feels in short supply this year. Being alone during the holidays is hard and many people away from home terribly miss their loved ones. [Full Article...]

New Google Smartwatches To Sport Android Wear 2.0 Platform

This news comes by way of an interview Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang did with The Verge . These watches won't be Pixel-branded. While the new watches had been rumoured before, Google has now confirmed them, and we can't help but think it's part of an effort to let people know that watches, including Android Wear watches, are still a thing. [Full Article...]

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